Principal: Mr. Jamie Hunt   

Assistant Principal: Mr. Kenneth Hemeon 

Guidance: Mrs. Nancy Clarke

Secretary: Ms. Candace Sacrey

Ph. (709) 257-2497 / Fax: (709) 257-4502    

Be a Warrior…have PRIDE! 

“Vouloir  C’est Pouvoir” 

2022-2023 Official School Calendar.pdf

Breakfast Program Blitz

On February 23 we are looking for your support of our breakfast program.  We will accept any monetary donations or approved food items as a donation to our program.  Below is a list of approved items:

Cereal - Plain Cheerios or Shreddies

Plain or chocolate chip Granola Bars - Not dipped

Whole Grain Bagels or Bread

Fruit Cups

Cheese Strings

Any type of Fruit

School Development Surveys 

School Development Surveys are conducted annually to gather feedback from students, staff, and parents/guardians to inform the school development process. The survey results will be provided to your child’s school and used with other data to identify the school’s strengths and challenges. Your child’s school will then create and implement a plan to build on successes and address areas of challenge.

The survey is anonymous, which means that we cannot connect your survey responses to you. We encourage everyone to participate so that we have the most accurate representation of family perceptions at your school.

The Family Survey will be available on February 6, 2023. Please complete the survey by March 17th, 2023 by clicking on the following link: https://www.research.net/r/SDFAMILY2223EN. If you do not have internet access contact your school, we will make arrangements for you to complete the survey.

Food Services at Botwood Collegiate

We are currently seeking Food Service Provider for the school.    Please contact the school for a Request For Food Provider application if you or a company are interested in providing this service.  All bids will close on Feb. 17th at 2:30.  Email jamiehunt@nlesd.ca

Tutoring at Botwood Collegiate

We are pleased to announce that FREE tutoring has started at Botwood Collegiate. Tutoring will happen at lunch time on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and after school Monday from 3-4 (students will need a ride arranged). This is a great opportunity for students to get extra support and to catch up on missed work.

Online  Learning Resources and Course Material

Asynchronous learning resources and course review supports are available for a variety of  junior/high school courses. Students may find this resource beneficial as a supplement to their in-class learning, and it can also assist students who may feel ill, or have to temporarily isolate, due to COVID-19. We also offer students the opportunity to avail of live online tutoring sessions hosted by post-secondary students. The attached document provides a more detailed description as well as instructions on how to set up an account to gain access to these resources. Students are encouraged to set up their account using the following link to help guide you. 

Vaping Awareness

Below is some information regarding the potential harmful effects of e-cigarettes and use of vaping. Please take the time to review these documents.

Vaping and Youth

Vaping FAQ

Vaping and Parents

Bus Routes and Stops:

Please view the following link to see bus stops and routes.

Also, please take the time to review some important bus information and Safety by Copying and pasting into your browser.

Upcoming Events